How to add a Footer using Customization?

1. There are few ways to get into the customization option to do any changes in the theme.2. Go and Click on widgets in the menu .3. Click on the footer that you want to use.4. Then go to the add footer button .5. Now you will select the widgets that you want to use […]

Translation Ready: content into multiple languages.

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Change The Theme Background Image ?

Option to change the theme background image is available in our themes under the Customizer. In our theme you will get option to change the section background color and background image for each section. You will find more detail in our theme documentation. This is Bullet points Theme Background points

How to solve « Missing style sheet » problems when installing a WordPress theme?

1. This problem is usually happening when you are trying to install an unzipped folder(Extracted file), instead of the .zip file of your theme. You are trying to upload other than the ZIP Compressed version. Other compression formats are not supported while uploading a theme. When installing any theme in WordPress, the file should be […]

There a way to change the « Responsive Menus Font Size » in the themes ?

– There is the easiest way to change the font size. – Go to Customization >> General Setting >> Header >> Menu Setting.– There will be three tabs are given General , Style & Responsive Menus .– Click on Responsive Menu tab, there is the option « Menu Font Size ».– By using that option you can […]

We will help to customise a theme you bought ?

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How to Connect your email id with Contact form?

To connect your email id with Contact form, you need to do some settings in your Contact Form 7 plugin under respective form. Follow the steps given belowGo to Dashboard >> Contact >> Edit your form >> click on « Mail » tab >> Add your email id to « Additional Headers » field >> Save. Quisque eget libero […]

To control the Blogs limit in the theme ?

You can change the limit to show blogs on your site by following the steps given below 1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading –> Blog pages show at most –> Add the limit for posts as you want –> Save Changes. Blog post in your theme easiest way Lorem ipsum dolor […]

Awesome Slider : Make your slider more attractive

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